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Tarpon Frensy ….Learn Why

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

There is a phenomenon that happens each year in May and June in the Florida Keys. Tarpon go crazy after the paloao worm begin to hatch! The tarpon bite is amazing during this particular hatch. They cannot resist the worm and an angler can catch tarpon after tarpon if they are on the water at the right time! It just happened last week and I was there to witness it.

There is a controversy between anglers on when this worm hatch begins. Some say it is on the full moon and others swear it is just the opposite and can be the new moon in May or June. One important factor is the tide must be falling and it nearly always happens in the late afternoon until just before sunset. This is small window of opportunity but a wonderful experience that will last a lifetime.

The palolo worm is found in many corners of the world. The Florida Keys palolo worms do not get much larger than your index finger.

These worms “hatch” or emerge from the coral rock in the ocean floor and head straight for the reef. The tarpon love to feed on these worms and will spend every moment of the hatch devouring all they can.

We caught 10 Tarpon in a 4 hour trip! This is an amazing feet and one that my clients will not soon forget.

Bonefish Report

Friday, June 12th, 2009

It has been a long time since I have seen so many tailers. I am talking 100 plus bonefish, and I am not telling a fish tale. A week ago I took my wife out for some fun fishing and we saw 30 plus fish. Then I was booked with a man named Arthur who had never caught a bonefish (not for the lack of trying) before and we caught two. We could have caught much more but please when you want to target a fish such as the elusive bonefish you NEED to work on your cast length as well as your accuracy.