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August Florida Keys Fishing is HOT

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

August is a great time to come to the Florida Keys and fish the back country. When choosing to come during the warmer times of the year (August, September and October) make sure to schedule your trip for the early morning or the later evening. It is very hot and humid in the mid hours of the day making the fish are more likely to bite in the morning or later afternoon.

Another reason to fish during the summer months is because you will have an easier time requesting the best guides to take you out on the water instead of coming when these guides have already been booked in advance! As a well respected guide in the Keys with 30 plus years under my belt, I have a number of repeat clients who book a year in advance. Most other well known and respected guides also have these type of clients. If you want the best plan ahead or come during the less busy months. We would be happy to take you!

Water Quality is Great

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

The pictures you see in the magazines or the footage you see as the back drop to your favorite fishing shows in the Florida Keys is exactly what it looks like right now on the water. The waters are crystal clear and the visibilty is great. Spotting the fish has been a breeze. The only thing you need is a good pair of Polarized sunglasses and you will have no problems spotting your target fish on the flats!