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January 22 2010 Fishing Report

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Fishing is at full blast as we all predicted and now is the best time to be on the water! If you are looking to bend the rod you are in store for an exciting time. I have been on the water most of the week and my clients and I came back to the dock with lots of fish stories. Many species of snapper, great sized grouper, sharks, mackerel, sea trout, redfish and a few shots at some bonefish filled our days with action. Things are alive and recovering in the backcountry and I am sure happy to be reporting it!


The weather has been absolutely beautiful this week with the same expected for the weeks to come. The warmer weather has returned and what a relief! The average temperature lingered around 78 degrees. The winds have been calm with many days near flat conditions, ideal for a day on the water.


On the patch reef was where I found the most action this week. Yellowtail and Mangrove Snappers, Black, Red and Gag Groupers, Cero Mackerel and a variety of sharks were all biting while fishing off lower Key Largo.  In the shallows of the backcountry the action included Redfish and Speckled Sea Trout, which were biting on the five inch Berkeley Gulp shad jerk, in a variety of colors. While targeting these fish varieties make certain to provide a long cast about seven to ten feet past the fish then steadily reel and jerk the bait about two to three feet in front of its nose. This action will surely entice the desires attack.


As I moved Oceanside the patches were littered with the same game fish however, they preferred live bait such as shrimp, pilchards, and pinfish.  Make sure to have a block or two of chum handy as this will increase your chances of catching your prized fish. Your chum slick will attract fish from other areas depending on the currents direction and speed.  


In addition to the fun in the backcountry the beautiful and historic Cheeca Lodge and Spa located in Islamorada held their 20th annual Cheeca Lodge Sailfish tournament! Hats go off to the Get Lit Captained by Quinton Dieterle. He was successful in guiding Kitt Toomey, Peter Miller, Jon Cooper, and Captain Hinckley to a total of 20 sailfish releases. So if you are looking for what to do in the Florida Keys, getting on the water is the best decision of your life!  You are sure to find a well rounded and respected guide here in the Florida Keys.


So until next time ask yourself this one question, Are You Fishing Yet?


Captain Richard Burson