A message recieved by one of my many happy clients. 2011

Hey Rich, 
Just wanted to personally thank you for an amazing 4 days. I had an absolute blast as did my father. My Dad is a workaholic and this was the first time I’ve actually seen him relaxed, in his element in a very long time. In my experience with him on guided trips, he’s usually quite critical of guides (I don’t know, maybe we’ve had some bad luck in the past, or maybe it’s just the New Yorker in him) but both him and I could not have been more satisfied with everything. When we come back (hopefully next year), your definitely our man! Also, thank you so much for your hard work, your patience and for sharing your vast knowledge on fishing in the Keys with us. I imagine that some people must come on these guided trips and assume they will be catching fish right and left. We understand this is usually not the case in most situations. Both my Dad and I both noticed your hard work and devotion in helping us land find quality fish. And that Tarpon fishing was truly an experience for a north-east coaster like me. Still soar from that early morning out! We will be recommending you to all our fishing buddies and will hopefully be seeing you sooner rather than later.
Thanks again and we’re already looking forward to next time!
Be well, and enjoy the peak of the season in May!
Zack Eidman

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