Fishing Report March 20th

Fishing captains are in full force as the spring breakers are here for some warmth and fishing frenzy!  The waters have not been disappointing for most who ventured out. I had some great luck with some wonderful rod bending excitement and most of the guides I spoke with also had great luck! If you are even thinking of going fishing I suggest you take a quick look at the wonderful guides listed in the Weekly Fisherman or take a drive around to the many marinas. Things are heating up and many of the best guides will be booked if you wait. Remember the early bird gets the fish, right! This coming week will be no different!


We had some great luck this week with lots of rod bending action!  In Flamingo the bite was mainly Speckled Sea Trout, Ladyfish, Pompano, and Redfish. The most action of all was on the patches reefs. The patches were on fire with Mangrove Snapper, Hogfish, Mutton Snapper, Cero Mackerel and Jacks.  I have to say fishing the patches takes an experienced guide if you want to have success.


The Florida Keys are home to an incredible system of patch reefs The Patches serve as habitats for a variety of marine life. The key to fishing the patches is to find a good spot and anchor your boat up-current to the reef you intend to fish.  Please be aware that anglers and divers damage the reefs by dropping on top of them. It is much less damaging to the reef and better for your fishing if you drop anchor in the sand just up-current to the reef. Another added benefit is you will lose much less tackle by not snagging it on the coral, sea fans and any other life at the bottom.  This week I chose to fish between the depths of 10-30 ft because my clients were under the age of 10. Shallow patches produce lots of action for small children.


I predict that this week will be the same as last with lots of activity on the water. The mackerel and trout are biting in full force! The bonefish are moving onto the flats as the waters are warming and the Tarpon are on their way back to fill our days and nights with endless excitement!


So remember, as you see all the vehicles driving our newly recognized scenic highway, these spring breakers could be looking for a fishing guide. Don’t be left on land, call a guide today to help you make amazing memories here the beautiful Florida Keys!


Until next time ask yourself this one question…. Are you fishing yet?

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