March 27th Fishing Report

It has been yet another beautiful week on the water here in the Florida Keys! The winds were light, the waters were clear, and the fish kept anglers of all ages grinning from ear to ear! Each angler leaving my boat had plenty of tall tails to tell their friends and family.  The most tails… Continue Reading

Fishing Report March 20th

Fishing captains are in full force as the spring breakers are here for some warmth and fishing frenzy!  The waters have not been disappointing for most who ventured out. I had some great luck with some wonderful rod bending excitement and most of the guides I spoke with also had great luck! If you are… Continue Reading

Florida Keys Fishing Report March 13, 2010

There is no competing with a day on the water here in the beautiful Florida Keys!  All of you spring breakers will regret it if you skip a chance to experience the Florida Keys true beauty: the turquoise waters and the wildlife hiding within it.  Taking a private charter allows you to make the decisions.… Continue Reading

March 6, 2010 Fishing Report

There is exciting action to report this week in the backcountry. Since January’s unusually cold weather most fishermen were wondering if the bite would ever return. Well I am here to report that I have had great luck this week. The beginning of the week brought good sized Snook, Redfish, Black Drum, and Sea Trout.… Continue Reading

February 1st Fishing Report

Our normal winter weather is back! Days of warming sun with a few passing showers fill our days with bliss. Because of our proximity to the Gulf Stream and the Gulf of Mexico, the Florida Keys have a mild tropical climate where the average summer and winter temperatures rarely differ much more than ten degrees.… Continue Reading

January 22 2010 Fishing Report

Fishing is at full blast as we all predicted and now is the best time to be on the water! If you are looking to bend the rod you are in store for an exciting time. I have been on the water most of the week and my clients and I came back to the… Continue Reading

December 26th 2009 Fishing Report

Christmas has come and gone, however the Florida Keys fishing is here to stay! Some people ask me what makes the Florida Keys such a special fishing spot. Maybe it is because The Florida Keys are located in the most biologically diverse area of the Atlantic Ocean. The Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean… Continue Reading

Understanding your live well for lively bait

One of the most important aspects of being a successful fisherman takes place before you ever get on the water. This aspect is overlooked by many anglers, but to the captains that make a living fishing it is one of the most important elements of a productive fishing day. Captains know all too well through experience that dead… Continue Reading

December 2009 fishing report

Tis the season of giving!  Many guides set aside some time, even with all the craziness of the holidays, to give back to the community.  The Key Largo Guides Association did their giving by completing their annual clean-up of the Boggies.  This area is known to receive heavy traffic by our weekend anglers and it… Continue Reading

November Fishing Report

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone and my heart and belly are full of the good stuff its time to focus once again on the waters surrounding the Florida Keys.  As temperatures drop up north, the average temperature in Key Largo will be around 76 degrees during the day and around 65 degrees at… Continue Reading

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